In 1968, the author received the Pulitzer Prize for this photograph - one of the most prestigious awards in the United States, which is awarded for achievements in music, cinema, theater and journalism.

The picture shows two electricians, Randall Champion and Jay Thompson, hanging from a power pole. That day there was a strong heat and nothing foreshadowed trouble. The hum of air conditioners in July 1967 was heard throughout the state of Florida. Because of them, in the city of Jacksonville, there was an overload of power lines, and this caused a power surge.
Randall and Jay were doing routine maintenance on a live line when Randall accidentally touched one of the wires. A discharge of 4000 V passed through the body and his heart stopped. For understanding: during the execution in the electric chair, a voltage of 2000 V is used

Randall's lifeless body hung from the harness. But his partner Jay did not lose his head, realizing that every second is precious, he began to give him artificial respiration right on the pole. It was very inconvenient, but there was no other way out. In such a situation, it is difficult to conduct a normal resuscitation, but Jay still tried to start his friend's heart until he had a weak pulse.

Only after that he unhooked his partner's insurance and, throwing him over his shoulder, went down to the ground. By the time the rescuers arrived (they were called by professional photographer Rocco Morabito, who happened to be at the scene), Champion was already conscious on the ground.

Not only was he saved, thanks to Thompson, but he lived another 35 years. The electrician died in 2003 at the age of 64.

Thompson is alive today.

📷 Rocco Morabito 👏👏👏


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