God is Asking Us - What if it All Works Out?

God is asking us- What if it all Works out? Can you feel it? ⁠
Praise God, I pray for the strength to be thankful for today and the moment, to enjoy the now in the midst of challenges, and to thank God for his favor and grace. Lord, help me to focus on what the Holy Spirit is doing in my life and starve the flesh. 

Praise God, I am not alone in my fight against fear; I have the Holy Spirit and the angels. The Holy Spirit and the angels are standing with me and in me. Thank you, Lord, for the “one-step victories” in my life, not perfect obedience, not perfect performance, not human perfect peace, not my righteousness, but the righteousness by faith in Jesus and his grace. 

I thank you, Jesus, that you make allowance for my weaknesses failures, sins, doubts, unbelief, and when fear controls my thoughts and actions. Help me to reject arguing or debating with the devil, my flesh, and my guilty conscience and fall upon the love, grace, mercy, peace, and the righteousness of Jesus who is our shield and redeemer. 

Thank you, Lord, for helping me overcome and deliver me from my fear of (enter in the areas of your struggle). Help me to respect my enemies and be as wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove.

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