It’s time for people with good hearts to really win.


Our love story began in October. It all started with a photo like and a ‘hi!’ on Hinge. We matched and did the whole back-and-fort conversations curious about each other’s background, interests, and weekend shenanigans. The defining moment for me was when I spoke to Corey on the phone, heard his voice and he did this fake Welsh inflections that cracked me up a lot. I laughed so hard that night and enjoyed the easy, all-natural conversations with Corey which was different from all I had been experiencing online. 

We talked some more for two weeks and decided to see one another. Normally, as a lady in the dating space, I like to keep things fair and not set unrealistic expectations for a man. I volunteered to meet Corey halfway because he lived two and a half hours away from me. He told me not to worry that he would come to see me. One thing that shone through the first few moments with him was how thoughtful and intentional he is. I was late for our first date because I was apprehensive about meeting him in person. I was afraid that the magic will end and I will feel awkward so I delayed meeting him after church as proposed on that day. My friends encouraged me and told me not to discount how good I felt around him. So I took their advice. We had our first date and spent hours talking.

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