Your Wedding Day is Getting Closer and Closer! This is the Year You Meet Your Husband!

I come before you today in prayer for a husband. I pray that you will direct me on the right path when it comes to choosing the right man for me. In the past, I leaned on my own thoughts and made the wrong decisions by entering relationships that weren’t right for me. I do not want to make the same mistakes again, Father. So this time around, I commit myself to you Guide me in my pursuit for a godly man. Help me to find the man that you Lord have prepared for me. Help me not to choose a partner based on my own ideals. Instead, give me wisdom and clarity of mind to look out for the right thing in a husband. Lead me to a man who loves you so we can worship you together. Lead me to a man who desires to know you more, so we can study your word together. Lead me to a man with whom I can serve you right. A man who will love me and with whom I can have a peaceful marriage. Type Amen to Receive it!🤵🏽‍👰🏽



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