Powerful Prayers For Becoming A Future Wife

DAY 1-8
Dear Lord, I know that I am your daughter. You are the prefect Father and I could not ask for a better protector! I know that you have picked out the man that you want me to marry. You know his name, what he looks like, how he acts, his personality, his past and future flaws, and you are saving me for him. I know he will not be perfect and I know that I am not perfect. But I know that you are molding me into the kind of woman that my future husband needs.

Lord, I ask that you build in me the kind of characteristics that will support my husband and his ambitions and dreams. Help me to learn how to come alongside of him with a servants heart and with wisdom in how to be his right hand. I want to encourage bless, serve and obey my future husband in all matters. Please prepare me and equip me for this task while I am not yet married Jesus.

Thank you for training me Lord. Help me to accept any change that might take place while you are creating me to be a future Help-Meet. I love you Lord, Amen.

DAY 2-8
Dear Lord, help me to cultivate an attitude of humility in my life. Don't let me ever fall into a mindset of entitlement. Please help everything I do to flow from a heart of gratitude. I ask that you would show me how to put my future husband first.

Help me to be free from selfishness in all the relationships in my life, but especially in my future marriage. Show me how to live with a love like you have. Help me to prepare to purposefully search out ways to show my husband your sacrificial love. Amen.

DAY 3-8
Dear God, help me to put my trust in you and wait for you to bring my future husband to me in your perfect timing. Help me not to be anxious or worried about when that time will be but to rest and wait on you. Thank you that you have had this man picked out for me before I was even born. Thank you for making him for me. 

Keep my heart pure and safe in your care so that I will be ready to marry him whenever you choose to bring him along. I love you Jesus. Thank you. Amen.

DAY 4-8
Dear God, thank you so much for everything you've provided. Thank you for my family and friends who have all been so supportive over the years. Thank you for my parents' (and future parents-in-laws') wisdom and teaching. I ask that you will build on this foundation of wisdom for generations to come. Please give me wisdom in (together with my future husband) establishing our house.

Please grant me discernment and understanding for the many opportunities and challenges ahead. Please help me to teach my children wisdom, not only through my words, but also through my actions.Thank you so much for promising to give us wisdom when we seek it. Amen.

DAY 5-8
Lord Jesus, sometimes I feel so inadequate and unready to be a bride. I think of marriage as a vast and distant lifestyle that I've never before trod. I am scared of what might or might not happen. Give me faith Jesus. Help me to trust that you will work all things together for good. While I am single and waiting please train and prepare me for the challenges ahead. Help me to learn in Wisdom and Love. Give me the strength that my husband will need from me. 

I know that marriage is a beautiful covenant between my future husband and You and I. Please show me areas in which I can grow before I am married. Help me to learn submission and honor, humility and grace, respect and admiration, love and selflessness. Gift me with the amount of time needed to learn each of these qualities so that I will be ready to bless my future beloved.

Thank you for your patient training Jesus. Thank you for the opportunity to fall in love with the man you have chosen to be my husband. Bless our future together as man and wife. I love you Lord! Amen.

DAY 6-8
Lord, please teach me to be an encourager. Let me always build up others and never tear them down. Give me a desire to encourage my husband. Give me words of wisdom and peace to build him up with. Help me to encourage his dreams and plans.

Let us work as a team to build great things for your kingdom. Teach me not to fall into the pattern of criticism or negativity. Help my word to draw my future husband closer to you. Help me to encourage him to walk in Your ways in all things. Amen!

DAY 7-8
Dear Jesus, please help me to be prepared to go with my future husband and to follow without worry or questioning to wherever you may lead him and whatever you may have him to do.

Whether he's a rancher, a pastor, a soldier, a missionary or anything else you choose for him to do, please prepare me to be a godly help-meet for him so that I can and encourage, and bless him as he follows wherever you may lead him. Thank you Jesus, Amen.

DAY 8-8
Dear God, I pray that you will give me patience and an attitude of grace. Please help me overlook offenses and respond graciously to conflict. Please help me to develop this pattern now rather than later. When others are bothering me, when situations are bothering me, and when I am even bothering myself, please remind me to take it all to you. Please remind me to talk with you first before confronting things.

Grant me discernment and understanding for the situations I don't know how to confront. Thank you so much for the grace you've shown me, and for being the perfect model of forgiveness and love. Please help me to keep my focus always on you. Amen.

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