Dear Future husband… Prayers for our Future Husbands!

COMMENT “AMEN” BELOW TO PRAY FOR YOUR SPOUSE OR PARTNER. Thank you God for sending me a partner to experience this journey through life. The world says I’m young, but the world doesn’t want me to constantly be pushed into my purpose. I was dangerous before, but when we became one we became lethal to the enemies plan. I may not have been not been prepared but you certainly got me ready. I ask that you continue to open my eyes and ears when you speak so I can rely on your strength when I am spiritually exhausted to love him the way he deserves. I pray that you give me the vision of my husbands life so that I may push and prepare him to walk into who he’s to become as a friend, a father and leader! I never want my ego or lack of discipline to withhold anything you have for him. Lord allow me to be led by the spirit to learn to love him spiritually, mentally and emotionally in every new stage of his life, so I may understand and adjust as we acknowledge and recognize new desires, wants and strengths growing individually. I pray that we seek forgiveness before anger, peace before chaos even when we find “loving” difficult. I ask you continue to bless us with security in communication, that we never become fearful of sharing our hearts. I pray that you continue to deposit extraordinarily profitable thoughts to serve your people in which you will bless him to serve and provide for ours. God just speak to me, to be what he needs. May we raise the next generation through our babies and love our children so much they don’t have to heal from their childhoods. I pray the chains are broken of emotional and generational bondage that he may be facing inner turmoil I may not know about. I ask the Holy Spirit to fight in his mind to give him disnerment so he never leads us a stray. God watch him, protect him, lead him, fight on his behalf. IN JESUS NAME….. via 


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