Saying YES to a Lifetime of Bliss! 😍 PRAYERS FOR BECOMING A FUTURE WIFE - DAY 4

COMMENT AMEN TO PRAY WITH ME: Dear God, thank you so much for everything you’ve provided. Thank you for my family and friends who have all been so supportive over the years. Thank you for my parents’ (and future parents-in-laws’) wisdom and teaching.

I ask that you will build on this foundation of wisdom for generations to come. Please give me wisdom in (together with my future husband) establishing our house.

Please grant me discernment and understanding for the many opportunities and challenges ahead. Please help me to teach my children wisdom, not only through my words, but also through my actions.Thank you so much for promising to give us wisdom when we seek it. Amen.

Bride-to-be: @soukeinayoung


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