Genevieve Nnaji Talks About the Importance of Prayer - "Your Path to Greatness is Often Altered by Those Who Have Derailed From Theirs"

Genevieve Nnaji has said that prayer is very important as sometimes people's path to greatness is often altered by those who have derailed from theirs. 

The actress, who shared this on Instagram today, said God set up all his children for greatness but most derail because of the kind of company they keep.

"Youth path to greatness is often altered by those who have derailed from theirs. They derail so far that they collide with you, forcing you off your trail. This is why prayer is key. Pray for the wisdom to recognise these obstacles as obstructions that they are to avoid going down with them." she wrote.

"In hindsight it pays to pray for others. That they may focus on themselves and remain on their path to greatness."

"Misery loves company. Those who dont want good for themselves wouldn't want good for you. "

"When we are on similar journeys to achieving our goals, our meetings would not be a collision. It would be destiny." she added.

Let’s pray:

God of wisdom, please direct my heart into finding the right man to love and marry. Direct my steps towards a path that leads me to the husband You have prepared for me to spend my life with. Lead me to the right decisions. Bring me to the right places that I should be at. Help me develop the right friendships and guide me into pursuing an intimate relationship with a man who loves You and wants to do what’s right in his life. Amen.

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